• To keep nature in all its current diversity (birds, animals, flowers, plants and trees together with their natural habitat).
  • To protect the rare or endangered species and their habitats.
  • To establish a harmonious connection between nature and humans, so that the need to protect nature not to hamper the normal economic and social development, to which people aim.
  • To create favourable conditions for a sustainable development of human selements, found around the protected areas or in their neighbourhood, by promoting economic activities which do not harm or destroy nature.
  • To reconcile two vital needs of the people: to obtain income money to ensure the existence and live in a clean and healthy environment.

The protected natural areas are the best solution for conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, which form the natural heritage of the Member States of the European Union.

The practical action to protect biodiversity can only be effective with the support of the local population and their communities.

Natura 2000 sites, proposed by the EU countries, account for 18% of the European Union surface.

By the high value of biodiversity it holds, Romania makes an important contribution to the European Ecological Network.