Management plans for Natura 2000 sites: ROSCI0014, ROSCI0106 and ROSCI0203

SMIS-NSRF Code: 35636

Project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund within the Sectorial  Operational Programme ENVIRONMENT.

Romanian Consultancy Agency (ARC)
Natura 2000 sites – protected areas:
  • ROSCI0014 – BucÅani, DâmboviÅ£a county
  • ROSCI0106 – ArgeÅ River Middle Meadow, DâmboviÅ£a and Giurgiu counties
  • ROSCI0203 – NegraÅi Daffodil Meadow, ArgeÅ county
Implementation period:
18 months, 01.10.2011 – 31.03.2013

The project aims to develop the management plans of the three sites, an official document that sets an overall development framework for the next years of the actions promoted in order to fulfil the goals of each protected area and which will guide the activities of the responsible elements. However, the project provides the awareness and education of the people regarding the role and importance of preservation and protection of Natura 2000 sites.


Preserve, protect and improve biodiversity in sites: ROSCI0014, ROSCI0106 and ROSCI0203.
Ensure environmental protection in the 3 sites that are part of Natura 2000 Ecological Network, by developing a comprehensive and efficient management support for the administration and management of the natural heritage and by making the local population aware of the preservation and protection of nature.
Develop the management plans of the sites, in accordance with the conservation measures of the natural heritage in the natural protected areas of Natura 2000 network.
Improve environmental quality by developing measures to reduce the vulnerability of biodiversity and to diminish the risks of degradation of natural elements within the sites.
Increase the public awareness, information and consultation on the importance of the preservation, protection and development of biodiversity in the sites: ROSCI0014, ROSCI0106 and ROSCI0203.
Improve the living standards of local people by improving the environment and reducing pollution, which have beneficial effects on the public health and positive economic consequences.
Protect and improve the environmental quality and living standards in Romania, following to observe the environmental acquis provisions.

The project helps the conservation and protection of natural elements, with particular value in physical-geographic terms and regarding the flora, fauna, hydrology, geology etc. in the 3 sites, by creating an effective and badly needed managerial support.

The need to develop the project is due to the lack of management structure of the natural protected areas, which can lead to an irreversible degradation of the natural capital, such as the extinction of species or habitats. The development of management plans will prioritize the principle of sustainable conservation of the species of community importance.

Protected natural areas, which currently cover 19.29% of the country, part of which being included in the Natura 2000 European network, have a critical role in maintaining the natural and cultural values, the environmental services and promoting healthy paerns of sustainable local development.

Activities to be undertaken and continued after completing the project:

  • Monitoring the project;
  • Extending the database by expanding the inventory of all important species of flora and fauna;
  • Regeneration of certain fauna and flora species found in a very vulnerable condition;
  • Periodic greening actions;
  • Expanding awareness about the role and importance of protected areas in all segments of the local population;
  • Strengthening actions of building of positive aitudes of the population towards the environmental issues.