Negra├ůči Daffodil Meadow is a Natura 2000 site, ROSCI0203 code in accordance with the Order no.1964/2007 of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, ame - n ded by the Oder no. 2387/ 2011 of the Minister of Envi - ronment and Forests as part of the European Ecological Network, with a surface of4.1 ha. 

Poiana cu narcise de la negrasi

The habitat type found in the Negra├ůči Daffodil Meadow site is:

  • 3260 – Water courses from the plain area to the mountain floor, with vegetation and Ranunculion fluitantis and Callitricho-Batrachion.

Negra├ůči Daffodil Meadow site is located in the meadow of the Dâmbovnic River, right affluent of the river Neajlov River, 1 km from the centre of Negra├ůči commune, towards Mozacu and about 15 km south of Bucharest-Pite├ůčti A1 motorway .

From territorial administrative view, the area belongs to Negra├ůči commune, Arge├ůč county, part of South Muntenia Development Region.

The area has a meadow relief specific for plains, being part of the geo-morphological unit Teleorman Plain, subunit of the Romanian Plain.

The surface waters are the Dâmbovnic River, which flows from Pitesti Piedmont Plain and has a low water flow, part of its upper course having water only temporarily.

The importance of the site is given by the presence of the daffodil species Narcissus poe - ticus L.ssp.radiiflorus (Salisb.) Baker.

The flowers are called the Poet’s daffodils by the local population, their characteristic being given by the thinner stems and narrower leaves comparing to other species of daffodils, the flower having a crown with red edges and light yellow-white petals.

Due to southern position of the protected area, the daffodils bloom in late April and remain in bloom until late May.

The area is protected for the scientific value of species and the landscape value of the carpet of daffodils.

The site consists of a mosaic of habitats represented meso - philic meadows, slightly dry slopes, a gravel bed river, fast flowing (Dâmbovnic River) and areas with excessive moisture (puddles).

Due to different biotopes, the site is rich in species of plants, some of them found only on the Romanian Red List: Knaut Macedonica, Orchis laxiflora ssp elegans, Myosotis discolor. Besides them, there are also species characteristic for the hill and mountain areas: Montia Verna, Potentilla erecta, Ranunculus flammula, Ranunculus aquatilis, Taraxacum palustre.

Negra├ůči Daffodil Meadow site, by its geographic location, the type of climate and greater anthropogenic influences, has 78 cormophyte species.

To be noted the fact that this species represent an indicator for the wet soils, with a medium humidity.

The protection and con servation of the daffodil species is endangered by the intensive grazing and their uncontrolled harvesting during the flo wering period.