Natura 2000 is an ecological network of protected natural areas which aims to maintain in a favourable conservation status a selection of the most important types of habitats.

The achievement of Natura 2000 network is based on two European Union Directives, the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive, which govern the selection and designation of sites and their protection and the Member States have the right to regulate the practical ways implementing the provisions of the Orders.

Natura 2000 is the main instrument for the conservation of natural heritage in the European Union.

Natura 2000 Network is a European network of protected natural areas, including a representative sample of wild species and natural habitats of community interest. It was established not only to protect the nature, but also to maintain these natural riches on a long term, to provide the necessary resources for social and economic development.

Romania is the country where most biogeographical regions are found: Alpine, Continental, Pannonian, Stepic and Pontic.