Natura 2000 site Bucşani, ROSCI0014 code, in accordance with Order No.1964/200 of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, amended by the Order No 2387/ 2011 of the Minister of Environment and Forests, as part of the European Ecological Network Natura 2000 in Romania, has an area of 513 ha.

Site Bucșani is a natural prote cted area of national interest due to the presence of following:

Habitat types:

  • 91Y0 – Dacian oak and hornbeam forests
  • 1166 – The species of amphibians and reptiles Triturus cristatus (Crested Triton).

Located in the Cricov Plain („Pintenul Măgurii”), approximately 3.5 kilometres northeast of Bucşani commune and 2.5 kilometres southwest of I.L. Caragiale commune, the site is located in Dâmboviţa county, part of the South Muntenia Development Region. From administrative- territorial point of view, the area belongs to Bucşani commune (9% of the area) and also to. I.L. Caragiale commune (<1% of the area).

The area has special significance due to the presence of the compact oak grove forest, with trees of varying age from 20 to 140 years, which is included in the habitat “Pedunculate or Sub-Atlantic and Medio-European oak or oakhornbeam forests of the Carpinion betuli”.

The feature of this area of piedmont plain is that it appears on a sub-Carpathian foundation covered by alluviums.

The associated land of Bucşani site is drained by the Crivăţ River (affluent of Ialomiţa River) which presents in this sector a temporary water course, mainly supplied pluvialnival. Most tributary springs come from under Măgura Bucşani.

Due to its position at the immediate contact with the Sub- Carpathians, within the Cricov piedmont plain, there are obviously features of a temperate- continental shelter climate. Included in the area with lowland climate, the general climate regime is characterized by warm summers, with mo derate rainfall and mild winters.

Due to the active surface features, that give specific issues in the regime of climate elements, the area is characterized by a topoclimate specific for the interfluvial fields.

Among the fauna species present on the site, we name: roebuck, boar, fox, hedgehog, rabbit, forest mouse, the Yellow- necked Mouse Apodemus flavicollis, titmouse, finch, nightingale, blackbird, woodpecker, jay, eagle owl, the raven.

Next to Bucşani site is found the largest reservation of European bisons in Romania in number of specimens, called the Black Forest Reservation. In this reservation, the European bison is protected and preserved, as an endangered species, protected by law.

The European bison has disappeared from the forests of our country for over a century, being found today only in reservations.

The Black Forest Reservation covers an area of 162 hectares, where there is a herd of 32 specimens.

The European bisons can be admired in Dragoş-Vânătoru Reservation from Vânători Neamţ, in Bison Valley Reserva tion, in Haţeg Reservation and in the zoological gardens in Targovişte and Bucharest.