Agentia romana de consultanta
The Romanian Consultancy Agency aims to provide a representative organization framework for the consultants in Romania. The main activity is the advice for accessing the refundable and nonrefundable funds and the Romanian Consultancy Agency’s mission is to promote quality culture in Romania through information, training and consultancy.
The Romanian Consultancy Agency initiated, developed and implemented many programs, projects, partnerships and activities in the areas of support for religious institutions, social work, consulting in quality management and environmental management, such as:

Consulting Program to European Standards – sustainable development across five components:
  • ICT equipment and Internet Facilities
  • Increase the consultant’s professional training
  • European Consulting–exchanges of experience with similar organizations in other EU
  • Promoting the image of consulting activities
  • The right consultant in the right place – specializing in consulting services on areas.
Support Program for Institutions (launched in March, 2008) through which the Romanian Consultancy Agency:
  • Provides operational information on all financing opportunities;
  • Provides summaries of national and European non-refundable programs;
  • Shows how to access funds;
  • Organizes local meetings to identify goals;
  • Recommends specialized companies to achieve feasibility studies, market and evaluation studies;
  • Provides counselling for drawing up the financing application form;
  • Provides advice for the management of the financed projects;
  • Recommends specialized companies for technical assistance needed to implement projects;
  • Recommends specialized companies for drawing up documentation and procurement assistance.

Youth Support Programme through which the Romanian Consultancy Agency grants scholarships and assistance for the youth who excel in a field of activity or for those who are disabled.

The Programme “Volunteer for a month”, through which the Romanian Consultancy Agency offers students the opportunity to work for a month in a consulting company in Romania.

Partnership with the Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Sport to implement the national project: the Youth Involved in EnvironmentProtection Activities, co-financed by the Ministry of Environment and Forests – Environment Fund Administration, through The Programme aiming the education and awareness of the public regarding environmental protection. The main goal is to increase the environmental education of the young generation by providing information on environmental conditions and involving the participants in the collection of waste located on the public space.

Currently, the Romanian Consultancy Agency also implements the project Management plans for Natura 2000 sites: ROSCI0014, ROSCI0106 and ROSCI0203, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund within the Environment Sectoral Operational Programme.

The main goal of the project is to preserve, protect and improve biodiversity in Natura 2000 sites: ROSCI0014 – BucÅani, ROSCI0106 – ArgeÅ River Middle Meadow and ROSCI0203 – NegraÅi Daffodil Meadow.

The Romanian Consultancy Agency is, since November 2011, the custodian of Natura 2000 sites: ROSCI0106 ArgeÅ River Middle Meadow, located in Dambovita and Giurgiu counties, and ROSCI0203 NegraÅi Daffodil Meadow, located in ArgeÅ county.